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K1 Kart Racing Suits

Level 1 Suits

The K1 Level 1 homologated karting suit is perfect for amateur and veteran karters alike. It is affordable, which makes it ideal for individuals that are new to the sport; on the other hand, it is fully homologated and meets stringent FIA/CIK regulations, making it a practical and smart purchase for veteran karters. Put simply, our Level 1 race suit is stylish, comfortable and fully functional – it provides everything that you need and nothing you don't.

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Level 2 Suits

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line kart racing suit at a price point that won’t break the bank, the K1 Level 2 homologated racing suit is for you. Designed to meet or exceed stringent FIA-CIK homologation regulations, this all-new suit has a host of features that are designed to provide comfort, usability, and safety.

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Zamp FS-6

Composite Fiberglass Lightweight Shell • Air-Flow Vents - Chin and Scalp Vents with Rear Exhausts • Plush Removable/Washable Interior • Z-19 Series Shield with Lock • Snell M2010 and DOT

Sizes Available:
White, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Silver/Black, Silver/Red, Silver/Blue: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Silver/Orange, Silver Green: S, M, L, XL

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Our K1 Reflex karting gloves are high quality, affordable kart racing gloves that are made from cotton and Sarino material for improved grip, kart feel and comfort. The materials not only help you get a firm grip on the steering wheel, but also help to dampen steering wheel vibration, thus reducing fatigue and soreness.

The all new RS-1 Kart Racing glove is probably the most comfortable glove that you could possible ever wear. The glove has an array of features any karter would love to have. It offers a rolled finger tip design. This gets rid of the 4 point stitch which would normally bother your finger tips. Along all fingers is a soft vented mesh to allow for airflow to flow to the fingers keeping you cool under pressure. Reverse stitch throughout which allows for maximum comfort and lets you focus on your race line.

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Neck Collars

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Rib Vests

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K1 Kart Shoes

K1 Kart Shoes – High Quality, Affordable Karting Shoes If you are looking for a pair of kart racing shoes, then we think that our K1 karting shoes are the right choice! Manufactured from high quality materials and specifically designed to meet the needs of karters, our affordable and comfortable kart racing shoes are ideal for amateurs and experienced racers alike!

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K1 Race Jackets

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This karting jacket is designed for all forms of karting, from arrive-and-drive open practice days at your local go-kart track to dirt and asphalt oval racing. This specialized karting jacket is constructed from Cordura® abrasion-resistant material, and features suede leather on the back, in the shoulders, and the back of the arms for added protection from heat, debris, and abrasion. The right-elbow area also includes additional padding for protection against inadvertent contact with a hot engine when sitting in the kart, allowing for better driver comfort.

Features: Cordura® outer-shell construction • Suede leather on back, shoulder, and back of the arm for added protection • Additional padding on right elbow against heat • Elastic gussets to give full range of motion • Heavy duty zipper

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