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October Happenings

October 6, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Well the race season has come to an end and the winners should be very proud that they had a great year. Our Awards Banquet will be Nov. 1st at John’s Incredible Pizza, 384 N. Sunrise Ave. Roseville at 7pm. This is the first banquet hosted by Bill & I and we are looking forward to having you all there. The winners should have received a notification and asked to RSVP. If you didn’t receive one or you wish to attend the event please contact me. Pricing for the non winners will be $13.99 per person which includes the buffet and $25 fun tokens.

A couple of quick notes for the up and coming month, the track will be closed from Friday Oct. 11 until Monday Oct. 14 for a SuperMoto race. As you know this is one of the 2 weekends a year that Bill & I get a couple of days off and we are looking forward to visiting family in So. Cal.

We will need to move trailers for the weekend and we will start getting them relocated this Sunday afternoon. We will make sure they are back in place in time for the following weekend.

We will be hosting the Vintage karts on the weekend of Oct. 26th & 27th. Come out and see what karting was like in the olden days. We will be running controlled practice going back and forth between Vintage and everyone else.

Starting the beginning of next month just a couple of reminders; as soon as Daylight Savings time takes affect Nov. 3rd the track hours will also change. The hours will be 10-4 during the week, closed Weds, and 9-4 on the weekends.

Please keep in mind that the track will be open for practice through the winter, weather permitting. Please give me a call if the weather is questionable and we will give you an update on the track condition. Don’t forget Monday and Tuesdays through the winter will remain discount days as practice will be reduced by $10. Bill & I will continue to leave practice fees the same as long as we can, which will remain $30 for non-members and $20 for members.

The new year is getting close and we are now accepting membership applications for 2014. For those with trailer spots we have made a small change, pit spots have increased from $100 to $125. As you know this is still far less than other locations so we hope the change will not be much of an inconvenience. Starting Dec. 1st I will be taking names for those looking for pit spots for next year. Those that have spots now will have until Dec. 31st to renew their existing spots. Same conditions apply for next year, if you did not club race or you not here on a regular basis for practice we will not be renewing your pit spot on the pavement. If you wish to store your trailer here you are welcome to park it in the unpaved area in the back with paid pit spot. It’s only fair that we keep the paved spots for attending drivers.

We will look forward to seeing you all at the banquet or at the track.

Thank you and have a great day,
Paula McCallister

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