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November Happenings

November 3, 2013

Hi All,

Bill and I would like to thank everyone who attended the Awards Banquet Friday night. I think everyone will agree it was a lot of fun and a great time had by all.

Special thanks has to go out to Joey Hand for taking time out of his busy schedule to be part of the event. Sam, I know we could speak on behalf of the whole club, it was great to see you at the event. Kelly and Natalie did a great job helping with our raffle and we thank you very much.

For those of you that could not make it, Warrigal Motorsports and Athol Smith were kind enough to sponsor the trophies this year and it was great to see the kids taking home trophies twice as tall as they were.

With Daylight Savings time changing we have gone to our Winter hours. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am-4pm, Closed Weds, Sat and Sun 9am-4pm. As before we will be open for practice during the winter but don’t forget to call in advance if the weather is a concern. We are closed if it is raining.

Next year’s schedule is getting very close to being finalized and should be ready soon. As of right now we tentatively have a night race planned during the summer. Please keep in mind the cost of lights for a couple of days so we can practice Friday night and race Saturday night is a little high but Bill and I are going to try and do everything we can to make this happen.

There has been a lot of talk lately from both the tracks and kart shops to see if we could reincarnate the Yamaha class, so for those of you that still have them sitting in your garage let’s see if we can’t build this motor package back up like the old days. We have been approached by a couple of kart tracks in Southern California that have committed to coming up here to race two of our club events next season. Anywhere from 15 to 20 karts and all Yamahas. So let’s make sure we show them that NorCal still has the best drivers. Details and dates to follow.

For those of you that would like to secure your trailer spots for next year please get your memberships in because we are taking names for our trailer waiting list. Once again you will have until December 31st but please don’t wait until the last minute as January 1st we will be assigning pit spots for those not paid for.

For all of you Kid Kart Dads we have built a kart with the GX50 Honda 4 – stroke motor. We would like to get your thoughts on its performance so please give me a call to make arrangements to give it a test drive on any given weekend.

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic year and we look forward to seeing all of you out here during the winter getting ready for the 2014 race season.

Thank you and have a great day,
Paula McCallister

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