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Linda Emmick Memorial Race

Huge Turnout For Inaugural Event

What a FANTASTIC weekend for the Inaugural Linda Emmick Memorial Race, we had the best turn out all year with almost 100 drivers and close to 300 spectators. We have not seen numbers like that in some time and we here at All Star Karting would like to personally thank all those that participated and those that helped support the event. Because of such huge support we were able to donate on your behalf over $1,400 to the American Heart Association. Without your support this couldn't have been the event it turn out to be, I think we will all agree Linda would have been very proud!!

Special thanks to those behind the scenes that helped make this weekend possible, Tom Halbasch, Frankie Tripoli, Sam Fries, Philip Hand, Michael Hays, Bill Conner, Josh Booth, Johnny Hennessy, Allison Bender, Jan Baldinger, Todd Browne, Joey Hand, Athol Smith, Jon Ban, Bev Ban, Curt Sander, Frederico Aquini, others that helped out throughout the day and oh yeah how about that Squeeze Inn for food on Sunday!!!!

We would like to Thank all those that donated both time and money for our event and we would like to list our supporters.

Warrigal Consulting
Joey Hand Racing
Empire Karts
EVS Sports
Fastech Racing
Italcorse America
Kart Master
Sander Construction
Target Distributing
Western Power Sports

We had some great races and along with watching the Vintage Karts and dinner on Saturday night, we had a full weekend of entertainment. We are looking forward to next year already and it can only be bigger and better. There were classes that had some of the best kart counts in a long time and we again would like to thank all those that participated, TaG's, Shifter's, Kid's, Mom’s, Four Stroke's etc.

Our next race is scheduled for July 26th (night race) and we are doing everything we can to make this event happen, at this time we have two challenges, first being enough lights for the event and second the State of CA SVRA. We would like to run the esses and the minimum amount of lights would be 8, if anyone might know of any way to cost effectively get that many lights for two nights please let us know as soon as possible. Number two, right now the State is telling us they don't normally run any event after 10pm here at the park, the key word "normally". Being a night race and not getting dark until after 9pm it does not leave a lot of time for racing in the dark, the good news here is they are trying to work with us so long as we pay to keep one of the park rangers on duty late both nights. You would be surprised what some of Paula's cupcakes and cookies can get done here at the park.

I know Paula and I can’t say this enough, but Thank you for making the Linda Emmick Memorial Race one to be remembered!!!

Bill and Paula McCallister
All Star Karting LLC

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