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Race #5 Report

Hi All,

Prairie City Club Race #5 was this weekend and we would like to thank everyone that came out to race, we had a great day. There was a little rain midday which added some excitement when we tried to get the Kid Kart Main in before the track got too wet and it was obvious after turn one (see ) that the track was just too slippery, so we postponed their race until it dried.

While we were waiting for some better weather we decided, or I should say the Dad's decided that they would run the Clones in the wet. It made for some great viewing as about 10 Dad's tried to make their way around the slippery track. Gentlemen we would like to thank you for the entertainment while we were on our rain delay. Larry O’Neil and Jonathan Meris unveiled as the best in the wet as our flagman, Philip Hand also made an appearance to show all those Dad's how to do it; only to go sliding down the inside into turn one and take out the whole front of the pack. After things cleared and everyone got going again we all had enjoyed watching the race.

The weather cleared a little time later and we finished the Mains and we were still done by mid afternoon. We would like to congratulate all of the winners.

Kailey Meris - Kid Kart
Charlie Drago – Jr 1-2 Cycle
Charlie Drago – HPV 1
Blake Milton – HPV 2
Blake Milton – TaG Jr
Curtis Cleveland – Sr. Clone
Maurice Velandia – TaG Masters
Mark LaCroix – Formula 80 Masters
Jeff Brewer – Stock 125 Moto
Bill Faulk - Super Sportsman Med
Jeff Bradshaw – Super Sportsman Masters

The Championship points are really close in several of the classes so the last race on Oct 26th should make for a fun event. Thanks again for all those that came out for the day, we are looking forward to seeing everyone again at our last race of the season. This race will also be the final of the Gold Rush Series and should prove to bring out some good racers that are running the whole series. We are looking forward to a great kart count with some racers from Dixon and Davis. The track layout will be the Grand Prix and is ready for practice for all those that would like to get ready for this last race of the season.

Just a quick recap before the last race, as it has been mentioned all year in the race program you will not be able to use the Gold Rush; our last Club Race as your throw away. We would really like to see this last race one to remember. Please help us get the word out to all that might be thinking about whether or not to race and twist their arm a little to come out to the event.

We have some decisions to make as a Club in reference to next year and we would like to get your input at the next race. We will discuss our options and will do this during the next driver’s meeting. Don't forget we are on Twitter - #allstarkarting and on Facebook - All Star Karting, check them for the latest announcements


Thanks again for everyone's support and we will see you in 4 weeks!!!!

ps. Did you see the new sign at the front gate?

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