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September Happenings

And Then There Were Two...

The race season is coming down to 2 more races, Sept 28th and the Gold Rush on Oct 26th. The track layout for the September race will be the Modified Perimeter. The points are close and we are looking forward again to a great turnout. We are not sure of the layout for the October race as this is the last race of the year and we will have racers from Davis and Dixon joining us. We haven't had the Esses, what do you think?

There has been some question on club points regarding the Gold Rush race. The Gold Rush race is considered Prairie City Club Race #6, the final race of the year. Therefore the points will count towards our Championship and can not be used as a drop. However the points for the other 2 Gold Rush races at Davis and Dixon will not count towards our Championship. If there any further questions regarding this please feel free to give us a call.

Dad's Clone Race

We are thinking it's Dad's turn for the CLONE CLASS!!! Let's put the word out and we will open it up to all Dad's of Kid-Jr drivers, no current racers please. We'll run one race towards the end of the day, so you have time to take care of your Jr. drivers. We will try to have as many karts ready as possible but if you can find a few clone karts to use let's try to gather them up for the day. Call or email Paula to sign up so that we can get a head count.

Drivers Wanted

We are looking for rookie drivers that would like to start racing competitively. We NEED more racers, why not use all that practice time and come out and race. New drivers and rookies without three races of prior experience start in the back of the pack and must display a highly visible "X" on the back of their helmet and rear bumper panel for all practice and race events. Everyone will know you are just starting out and will take the proper precautions around you. However, you are welcome to come out and win as well. We've had rookies win trophies even starting at the back. So come on out and play with the racers and become one. See Bill or I for the technical rules, racing fees and any other questions you might have. Our next race is coming up.

For Sale

We still have a great number of used karts available; Clones, Yamahas, Shifters and TaGs. We even have a 10ft enclosed trailer with side door and rear ramp door; call for pricing. Please put the word out if anyone has any karts that they would like to sell, tell them to come by as our consignment program has been working well for both sides.

Rear Bumpers

A quick reminder, Full Width Rear Bumpers are now required for practice and racing. Please make sure to research your options with the new rules.

Keep Your Eyes Open!

Keep your eyes open next time you come to the track as there will be new signage on the entrance road coming into the park. It's to help advertise the Kart track and hopefully get more people into the sport. It's being installed in the next week or so. We are looking forward to getting your feedback on our new sign.

Side note from Bill

We will be serving Birthday cake during practice on Saturday when we have our free Hot Dogs.

Paula will be celebrating her 50th birthday and wants to share cake with everyone. So come by and wish her a Happy Birthday!

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