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Prairie City Kart Club October News

October is here and the year has gone by extremely fast, our next club race is October 18th and DON’T forget this race is double points!! The track layout will be the Grand Prix as voted on by the driver’s at the last race and it allows drivers to compete on the best layout for passing. This will be a race that no one can afford to miss.

Arrive & Drive Race Series

We still have couple of open spots left for the "Arrive and Drive Karts" so get a hold of Paula to make your reservations soon. Due to the high demand of the Arrive & Drive series, pre-registration 1 week prior to the race is strongly encouraged to reserve your kart. Only 6 karts are available. For $165.00 you receive Saturday practice and entry fee for Sunday’s race. All racing gear is provided, please come in jeans and sneakers. Note: Minimum age is 15yrs. for Arrive & Drive racing. Drivers under 18yrs must be occupied by Parent.

Thank You!

We want to thank everyone for their understanding with postponing the September race so our clubs members could go to the Streets of Lancaster, we heard all our club members that attended had a great time. 

Norcal Shifters

We would also like to announce Jon Ban is bringing out the Norcal Shifters for our next race, for those that are looking to compete with some of the top shifter karts in Northern California come on out October 18th. Thanks Jon!!

Last Race of the Season!

Everything is set for the make-up race for November 1st. This is only 2 weeks after our next Race so don't miss the final race of the season!

Vintage Karts

The vintage karts are looking to make an appearance tentatively the weekend of October 23rd & 24th for a couple of days out at the track. As soon as the dates are set we will notify everyone as watching these guys is a lot of fun and well worth the trip to the track.

Memberships & Pit Spots for 2016

As some of you know the State had asked us to suspend memberships and trailer spots for the duration of this year. We are working very closely with the state to come up with an acceptable program that will work for both Prairie City Kart Track and the Park. I will say it is looking very positive and will have details before the end of the year.

2015 Awards Banquet

The 2015 All Star Karting Awards Banquet is tentatively set for Friday, December 4th at John’s Incredible Pizza. Those close in points and think they are getting an award please check your calendar for conflicts and let Paula know by October 18th (next race). If you are not sure whether you should attend Paula can tell you if you should.

Super Moto Bikes

Another update from the track, as some of the practice days have been a little quiet we have decided to give Super Moto another try and set up a couple of practice days for their groups. We will make sure it does not interrupt any days prior to a race or any days where the kart count is too large. We had a couple of groups this past weekend and everything went extremely well. Call us if you have questions.

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