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Alignment Tools


Exac-Toe 2 with Spindles and Bar


Brake Tools

Brake Bleeder by AMC

Brake Bleeder with 10mm threads. Fits most karts.

Brake Bleeder Adapter

Brake bleeder adapter. Several sizes to choose from. 5mm,6mm,8mm,1/8",1/4-18,MCP, and CRG.


Chain Tools

#219 Chain Breaker

This #219 Chain Breaker has a wider pin spread. It can be used on all #219 Chain including the #219 Panther Chain. The Panther Chain has wider links and therefor will not fit in alot of other chain breakers on the market.

#219 Chain Alignment Tool

More accurate than a straight edge • Aligns your chain correctly reducing wear on chains and sprockets • Clips onto any #219 sprocket and then rod slides out to make contact with your countershaft sprocket.


Safety Wire

Safety Wire Pliers

Safety Wire



Tanner Race Scales

Tanner Race # 12" x 12" With Case. Cast Pads # 1000 Lbs. Per Pad # 18ft Heavy Duty Flexible Cables # 1 Touch Zeroing # 40hr. Battery Life # Internal Battery & Ac Adapter # Pounds or Kilos # Displays All Information At Once Scale Pads 12" With Case




Enough power to start your kart all day long • Weight 18lb • 2 Year Warranty on Motor • Soft Sure Grip Handles • CNC Machined Components • Sealed Battery • Positive On – Off Switch


Tire Bead Breaker

Tire bead breaker tool for those of us who don't have the strength of the Incredible Hulk.


Tire Changer

TDC Tire Changing Tool

The T.D.C. Tire changer is the portable, go-anywhere tool for fast, easy tire changing at the track and at home. Using a solid, billet aluminum base plate with a quick twist locking system to solidly hold any style of 5" & 6" wheel. A single lever is used to easily dismount and mount tires.


Tire Gauges

Tanner Gauges

Available in 15lbs/30lbs/60lbs models • Shock proof cover • Quick air release • Medical quality movement for precise and repeatable tire pressures • Easiest gauge to use at night • This gauge glows for hours • Ultra flex cloth braided hose.


Wheel Balancer

This is a must for kart racing.
Required 201-50 hub for balancing metric 3/58 pattern wheels.
Adapter Kits Available.


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